Thursday, March 31

On tour

Wednesday, March 30


Tuesday, March 29


Monday, March 28

Why you do it

Sunday, March 27

Suburban wife

Saturday, March 26

What a life!

Friday, March 25

Being Femm

I am still very new here, but I feel I have to tell everybody my great admiration for Tabby Jones! Tabby dreams of being a real woman. I already would be very happy if I were such a courageous, beautiful and talented Tgirl like she is! There are many intelligent and exciting blogs out here. But one post of Tabby's often is worth more than other entire blogs! (And I know mine is one of them.)

A fetish for Nylon

Thursday, March 24

A caption for Xaxasissy

No money required

Wednesday, March 23

In the snow

Tuesday, March 22

A model pupil

Monday, March 21


Sunday, March 20

After the Sabbatical year

Saturday, March 19

Good looser

Friday, March 18

Live mannequin

Thursday, March 17

Being paraded in your hometown

Wednesday, March 16

Temporary country-girl

Tuesday, March 15

Shopping for her dinner

Sunday, March 13

No cabs

Saturday, March 12

The final exams

Friday, March 11


Thursday, March 10

Pete's dad's party

Wednesday, March 9

Why she has to be neat

Tuesday, March 8

New job

Monday, March 7

A game

Sunday, March 6

To be a woman

Saturday, March 5


Friday, March 4

What girls do not

Thursday, March 3


Wednesday, March 2

Just in shirt and stockings

Tuesday, March 1

Good friends

Happy birthday...