Tuesday, May 31

The most important thing

I’ve been asked many, many times by followers to my blog what makes a FemDom Hotwife Cuckold relationship work, what the most important thing to do is, how they should approach it, what they should do first, etc.
This type of relationship is complex, there are so many ingrained societal traditions that must be challenged and rethought, and the emotional and psychological impact on a man is huge. And certainly different women approach it differently with different ideas and goals in mind. But there is one thing that she needs to do immediately. She has to lock up his penis. She has to take control and make her authority clear. She has to break his masturbation habit.

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Only blindfold and lipstick?

Monday, May 30

Why was it?

Sunday, May 29

Life on board

Saturday, May 28

I'm for free!

Friday, May 27

Walk down High Street

Thursday, May 26

Lee's voyage

Wednesday, May 25

A duty

Tuesday, May 24

Under the mediterranean sun

Monday, May 23

Learning from Stella

Sunday, May 22

Party crashers

Saturday, May 21

Sometimes I get so horny that I think I must die

Ok, I stole this phrase. I read it a long time ago somewhere. But it comes close to how I am feeling right now.
My girlfriend has gone to bed early. Alone. She has eluded me for more than a week now. I don't think it's planned, it's just how she is. Our day-to-day life has not helped either, both have we been busy, with practically no time for being alone with each other. So I am left drying out. I've failed a couple of times my vow in the beginning of the week. But I won't fail anymore, I swear, before I get laid with her again. I must be strong or the whole thing becomes meaningless and I am reduced again to the sad internet-wanker I was.
Seduction, Friedo, seduction... Think! Make an effort! You didn't make a real effort last week, you have to admit it...
Tomorrow is another day!

Job interview

After a suggestion of summertime.

Friday, May 20

Childhood sweethearts

Thursday, May 19

Bruno Schulz

This post is probably only of interest for a minority of our minority.

Bruno Schulz was a writer and artist of polish-jewish origin, and unlike Otto Schatz to whom I referred a couple of weeks ago, he did not survive the Holocaust. His stories, some of which you can read here, are perhaps even better than his drawings. The universe of his drawings reminds of Sardax, but I find Schulz' crude drawings much more haunting and authentic than Sardax' slick perfection. But, actually, I can't really say I like his drawings. They are so sad. The bad qualitiy of the little what has come upon us, drafts or poor photographic reproductions of etchings, makes it even worse. But I can't forget them. They scare me. Bruno Schulz scares me. He represents all that what could have become of me if I had lived in another time and culture. This little man, even before he fell victim to the Holocaust, led a sad and very insignificant life, consistent with his personality. Very timid, in his youth he was sent to Vienna to study architecture but failed for reasons impossible to reconstruct today. Since then he never more left his provincial hometown. He remained poor and lonely all his life, worked as a drawing teacher in a secondary school what he hated, and most certainly died a virgin.

Before the show

Wednesday, May 18

Making my point

He is taking the picture. He is in control. She is on her knees, taking him from behind, submissive. Look how proud she is! She's collaborating for the photo. Look how good she feels! Who would you prefer to be?


Tuesday, May 17

Good material

Monday, May 16

First date

Saturday, May 14


Her name was Caroline. For obvious reasons I wont say her surname, though I still remember it. But it was somewhat similar to what we made of it. We called her Caroline Boobs. It was the time when we boys at school discovered wanking: some did it already, and who did not yet, pretended that he did and tried, with the help of information gathered in schoolyard talks to catch up on the new status relevant ability. The girls were changing too. Their clothing became more womanly. Some used a bit make-up now. And in a few cases one could notice their little titties sprout. Still almost all were practically flat. Except Caroline. At eleven she had already developed a beautiful pair of round boobs, which made her stand out - literally - among all her classmates. Half a year later, her boobs were so big that they caught everybody's attention, in any situation. It did not matter if there were other girls of her age for comparison, or if she were among older ones, even adults. Her boobs had become her distinctive feature.

Friday, May 13


Thursday, May 12

Fear is just in your head

Listen to the lyrics! They are advice. The best you'll ever get.

Waking up to reality

Wednesday, May 11

Learn to give

Tuesday, May 10

Update on my chastity project

Probably no one want's to know. But self-indulgence is the very nature of what we all are doing here, so I decided to update you anyway on how it is going with my self imposed, limited chastity project.

A new start

With thanks to andii for the picture.

Monday, May 9


Sunday, May 8

Thanks to mother!

Saturday, May 7

Slight dysfunction

For some unfathomable reason, my blog has been down for almost all day. I hope you missed it! ;) 

Friday, May 6

Can't you see?

Thursday, May 5

Five days

and counting...

I know you

Wednesday, May 4

Franklin Veaux

I really admire this guy! He's doing actually the things most of which I have not the guts to do. And he shows how you can do it and be an entirely sane, decent and respectful person. I have for long been of the opinion that it is possible, but he intelligently explains and demonstrates it.
Just read this, for example. Oh how I would love to be his girl! - OK, one of them.


Tuesday, May 3

Are you sure?

Monday, May 2

First time

Sunday, May 1

Teenie life

I read this nice little story at Titillating TG Captions, and it remembered me of last time I visited my sister.