Tuesday, March 26

She's giving up

Thursday, March 21


That had been the most unsettling lunch! A desaster! - Or was it not?
Kyle glanced at his face in the mirror. No, his inner turmoil did not show. Thank God! Training and make-up held out. But his terror and excitement were nonetheless real! In a minute, he had to go up! Meet Lord Eldenham in his private chambers.
Lord Eldenham was the patron and chairman of the Foundation. It was at his mansion where the foundation held its event in honour of the excellent pupils it sponsored.
Kyle was one of them. A substantial grant had been made to his school, rewarding the fact that, for a change, a girl had won the annual math competition. Kyle. The problem was, Kyle was not a girl. The school and his family had been complicit in concealing this “detail”, in order to benefit of the funding. So far it had worked. Until today, when the foundation wanted to meet its grantees in person and be shown a demonstration of their prowess. All duly framed in a social event with distinguished guests, lunch, dinner, ball-night and so on.

Wednesday, March 20

Only the beginning

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A text to sis

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