Monday, December 31


Sunday, December 30

Meeting the expectation

Saturday, December 29

Mom's boy is doing fine

Friday, December 28

Change of mind

Thursday, December 27

What really mattered

Wednesday, December 26

Steve's position

Tuesday, December 25

It doesn't put you off, does it?

Monday, December 24


Sunday, December 23

Marcus' special girlfriend

Saturday, December 22

Fuck me!

Friday, December 21

Marcia's predicament

Thursday, December 20

As if his body knew...

Wednesday, December 19

Tradition or prank?

Tuesday, December 18

Monday, December 17


Sunday, December 16

Lenny is getting prepared

Saturday, December 15

A new trap

Friday, December 14

St. Lucius

Thursday, December 13


Wednesday, December 12


Tuesday, December 11

Learn to obey

Monday, December 10

What a shame!

Sunday, December 9

A savings account!

Saturday, December 8

Her burden

Friday, December 7

One never knows...

Thursday, December 6


Wednesday, December 5

New desires

Tuesday, December 4


The day before yesterday, I was waiting with Sarah, a friend, in front of the movie-theater. There I saw the girl. She was wearing a thick short coat - it's december and it was cold - with a furry hem not lower than of a short miniskirt. Below that, her long legs were clad in a green opaque pantyhose and her feet in light brown suede heels. Absolutely gorgeous!
I couldn't take my eyes off her. 
I know I wasn't the only one and I have no doubt she was aware of it. I imagined how she was feeling, almost physically, all the glances caressing her legs, creeping up her thighs. Oh, she must be enjoying it! It must feel awesome! Exposed, vulnerable. Sure she loved it, but she felt insecure too. She was clasping her boyfriend's arm for a reason: he was steadying her, giving her hold while she was shivering, so I imagined, with not so secret delight. And she would pay him back his support, later, wouldn't she? When she was alone with him. She would do everything for him, because she was his. She was to be fucked only by him. But here she was to be seen by everyone.

Suddenly Sarah said to me: "You're dreaming of being her, aren't you?" 

Monday, December 3


Sunday, December 2

Tonight, everything seems possible!

Saturday, December 1

Compulsory reassignment

Friday, November 30

We're back!

Thursday, November 29

Friday afternoon

Wednesday, November 28

Her first client

Tuesday, November 27

The right way too look at it

Monday, November 26

Drug dispersion

Sunday, November 25

She felt it

Saturday, November 24

Clarisse needs a firm hand

Friday, November 23


Thursday, November 22


Wednesday, November 21

Mummy takes her with her tonight

Tuesday, November 20

A good thing

Monday, November 19

A gift with consequences

Sunday, November 18

The house

Saturday, November 17

The best slaves

Friday, November 16

Goodbye kiss

Thursday, November 15

Adriana's quest

Wednesday, November 14

Dan's education

Tuesday, November 13

No matter

Monday, November 12

She'd rather not...

Sunday, November 11