Monday, May 20

More than a holiday job

Sunday, May 19

Pat's return

Saturday, May 18


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Thursday, May 2

My choice in life

This is Alexandra, the love of my life. I am sure you understand why I fell for her. She is all what you see: beautiful, noble, rich...  Everything a guy like me can dream of, but not seriously hope to be in his reach.
Yet I resolved that it had to be with her or with noone I would spend my life. And I succeeded! Though I am not noble, not rich, and far less beautiful than her.
I met her at the country's finest private school, which she attended by birthright, and I due to a grant I was given for being a very bright kid. Indeed, people predicted me a brilliant career. A career that I happily traded for being with her, when she finally accepted my pledges.
She had her terms.
Some of you may think them too unusual, too harsh. But love is what it is, and I have not regretted one minute since my decision to accept them and to dedicate my energy, my efforts to anwer to her wishes, made it my sole ambition in life to please her.
Yes, she changed me. Very much. I know it was for the better.

Wednesday, May 1

The finalist excursion