Wednesday, October 31

Let's get laid again!

Tuesday, October 30

First date

Monday, October 29

Say it!

Sunday, October 28

She would

Saturday, October 27

Skip's feeding

Friday, October 26

A man of the world

Thursday, October 25

Chance encounter

Wednesday, October 24

A party conversation

Tuesday, October 23

Lovellochka and Splendora

With admiration I do what I usually do not: simply repost. Lovellochka and Splendora don't need my captions. Just look at Splendora: isn't (s)he lovely? Isn't (s)he lucky?

Monday, October 22

What do you think?

Sunday, October 21

Billy and his benefactor

Saturday, October 20


Friday, October 19


Thursday, October 18


Wednesday, October 17

Well then...

Tuesday, October 16


Monday, October 15

Oh yes, he wanted it!

Sunday, October 14


Saturday, October 13

Alan's discovery

Friday, October 12

Prim and obedient

Thursday, October 11

You can be it

Wednesday, October 10

Frankie's initiation

Tuesday, October 9

She is ready

Monday, October 8

School ad

Sunday, October 7

Plenty of time

Saturday, October 6


Friday, October 5

Show me

Thursday, October 4

Declaration of love

Wednesday, October 3

Damage repair

Tuesday, October 2

Stay as you are!

Monday, October 1

Just a scared chick