Monday, August 20


I do need a pause, but I'll be back sooner than last time. Promise!


Sunday, August 19

The driver

Saturday, August 18

Short leash

Friday, August 17

Chris' old buddies

Thursday, August 16

If not now, when then?

Wednesday, August 15

Goodbye daddy!

Tuesday, August 14

The new maid

Monday, August 13

Spring fairy

Sunday, August 12

New authority

Saturday, August 11

She'll do it

Friday, August 10


Thursday, August 9


Wednesday, August 8

A gorgeous summer

Tuesday, August 7


Monday, August 6

Just one inconvenience

Sunday, August 5


Harry's wife wasn't happy with their sexlife. As he had not shown any initiative to change that, she had taken matters in her hand and booked an erotic holiday in an african resort. He was ok with it. The facilities and the beach looked very nice, and he didn't mind the pretty girls he saw in the catalogues either. Perhaps it would really make things better...
After almost one week here he had to admit it was the most intense erotic experience of his life! And yet... It was very hard to bear! He was always so horny! He never had been so desperately horny in his life! And everything was set to make him even hornier every day.
The place was gorgeous. The girls were so pretty and relaxed and ready for any kind of sexual encounter. The compound was reclused, so whatever happened here, nothing would get them into trouble. It was paradise. Or something very close.
When they had arrived, there had been an initiation ritual. They had drunk a lot of weird stuff, danced and then stripped naked. So he had learned it was a nudist facility, as far as the guests were concerned. That had not embarrassed him, given the situation, but what then came was different. A kind of game, aiming to make the guests reveal their special sexual interests, and then a vote of the group on what should be done about it. His wife had suggested a chastity device for him, hoping that this would help him value her more in future, sexually.

Saturday, August 4

Dairy Queen

Friday, August 3

The experiment

Thursday, August 2

An enrichment

Wednesday, August 1

I see you do!