Thursday, January 31

Second chance

Wednesday, January 30

No grudge

Tuesday, January 29

Jimmy misbehaved

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Freshwater Hotel

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A letter

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Don't run!

Friday, January 25

On the boulevard

Thursday, January 24

On her way to perfection

Wednesday, January 23

It did show!

Tuesday, January 22

The kiss (2)

(continued from here)

Some guest dropped me off at my flat that night. I was still so elated an drunk that I had not considered it necessary to change back to my male clothes. Luckily, in the early hours no one saw me in the stairs as I sneaked into my appartment. I only took off the dress and went to bed wearing my lingerie: stockings, bra, panties and, of course, the shiny steel cage. For the first time I had time to examine it closely. It was solid and well crafted. It was certainly impossible to remove it without a key or professional help. This confirmation was a bit of a scare, but awkwardly, a turn on too: I really was in the power of who held the key! But I was tired. After a while I fell into a light and intermittent sleep, half awake, patches of my memories of this extraordinary night mingling with my dreams.

In the morning I woke with my cock aching in its cage. I took a cold shower and managed to shrink it enough so I was able to pee. Then I dressed in ordinary male clothes and put the women's stuff in the washing machine. Finally, I had come down. I did not feel horny at all anymore. Instead I felt guilty and worried. I had given some show yesterday! Everyone had seen that I had loved it. How would people see me from now on? - Don't overreact, I told myself. It had only been a party. A bit wild, but with mostly cool people. A drunk guy enjoying an evening in drag shouldn't be a big deal. But there was this other thing. The chastity device. That was not common, that would be talked of for a long time! Worse, it was not past, it was all too present. I still was it's prisoner! I definitely had to get rid of it as soon as possible! I decided not to loose anymore time and call Marianne...Before I dialled the number I took a deep breath. Yesteday was yesterday, but today, on an ordinary sunday, all too sober, it was more than awkward to come back to that topic and discuss it with some other person. A person I knew, but was not so intimate with that I would have ever spoken to her about such things if I could have avoided it.
The phone kept ringing, until I heard the answering machine:
"We're not home right now. Please leave a message."

Monday, January 21

Waiting to be 18

Sunday, January 20

Job offer

Saturday, January 19

What Mark did to marry his great love

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Nothing wrong

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Found here. Slightly edited.

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First love

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Riki's internship

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BJ Party

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Seing Billy again

Thursday, January 10

With Betty's help

Wednesday, January 9

Barbie fanatic

Tuesday, January 8

Magic Island

Monday, January 7

The blue dress

Sunday, January 6

The kiss

Her parties were legendary. Marianne owned an ample flat at Berlin Kurf├╝rstendamm, where she lived with her lover Tina. They were gorgeous. Countless times they had given occasion to the old macho sigh about what a waste sexy dykes were to the world. The male world, that is. But they hosted their lavishing parties not only for their kind, and their public kissing on the occasions was a famous staple and appreciated by female and male, gay and heterosexual guests alike.

On one of these parties I ventured to say: "What can I do to get a kiss like that from you?" - "Be a girl." was the wry answer. - "I wish!" I said. - "Let's make him a girl, then!" someone said. Laughter. The proposition quickly gained acclaim. I must have shown less reluctance than expected, probably due to the many drinks I'd already had. In any case, shortly later I found myself in the drawing room, some girls undressing me, while others were searching through the wardrobe, selecting appropriate clothing for me. Lingerie of course. - "Wait!" someone said, "He must be shaved first! The ugly hair must get off!" - The next half hour I was subject to a "beauty treatment", amateur but with quite reasonable result, given the circumstances. Then I was presented to the hostess, wearing her panties and bra, white stockings on my shaved legs and a short yellow dress that was only a bit tight around my not very broad shoulders.

Wednesday, January 2


I hope this one will be short. XXX