Thursday, June 2

My admiration

Look at her. She is a normal young woman. Pretty, not overly pretty. Well built. Her tits fit beautifully with her her youthful body, but they are very small. No tattoo, no piercings, an all too conventional haircut. This really is the girl next door.

Is she? She is kneeling on some strange piece of furniture, feet and hands locked in a block. She is fixed, she cant flee, she is being spanked, she is screaming of pain. I don't doubt her pain is genuine. The lack of any attire, the environment which features some other bdsm articles like the cage in the background, but also quite homely oak furniture and an equally homely and very ugly carpet, prove that here we are not in front of a scene set up but professional porn producers and actors, but in front of real people. Amateurs who are doing what they are doing because they love it. (That's what the word "amateur" literally says, by the way.)

The fact that it's all genuine, gets to me immensely. What makes a pretty young woman freely accept to be spanked so hard that she cant help but scream with all her lungs? - And to be photographed, while being thus humiliated, and show her face?

Oh, how I envy her! For her femininity, her youth, her tiny tits, and for her courage and ability to give herself up so fully to her desires, her needs. Even if they mean real pain, real humiliation, even if it means to live far from the conventional, far from the approved by society. She has got her priorities right. She has lept, out of convention, out of anonymity, into being who she really is.

I envy her. I admire her more.


  1. Great stocks, I've seen this style before, a good adaptation of the original village stocks for errant wives. How I would love to be the person wielding the riding crop, such joy :D

  2. It's a good picture, and it is certainly refreshing to see a girl without tatoos and piercings.

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