Tuesday, December 4


The day before yesterday, I was waiting with Sarah, a friend, in front of the movie-theater. There I saw the girl. She was wearing a thick short coat - it's december and it was cold - with a furry hem not lower than of a short miniskirt. Below that, her long legs were clad in a green opaque pantyhose and her feet in light brown suede heels. Absolutely gorgeous!
I couldn't take my eyes off her. 
I know I wasn't the only one and I have no doubt she was aware of it. I imagined how she was feeling, almost physically, all the glances caressing her legs, creeping up her thighs. Oh, she must be enjoying it! It must feel awesome! Exposed, vulnerable. Sure she loved it, but she felt insecure too. She was clasping her boyfriend's arm for a reason: he was steadying her, giving her hold while she was shivering, so I imagined, with not so secret delight. And she would pay him back his support, later, wouldn't she? When she was alone with him. She would do everything for him, because she was his. She was to be fucked only by him. But here she was to be seen by everyone.

Suddenly Sarah said to me: "You're dreaming of being her, aren't you?" 
Sarah is a friend who knows me better than almost anybody, since we have exchanged some writer's experiences, a year ago, about how exciting it is to get into the head of the characters, also and especially of the other sex. She's not my lover, though. She'll never be. She's in a long term relationship with a very nice guy who is often away, so we go out together sometimes. But we have no ambitions that our friendship should become anything other than what it is now. 

"Yes," I confessed. It was wonderful and hot to admit it openly to her! To not only refer it in general, as I had before, but to admit at this very moment how horny it made me to dream of being a girl. Look Sarah, thats me: the sissy!
"You should do something about it" she said, "why don't you? It's a big city, and the people around here are quite cool. You could be here, this moment, dressed exactly as she is. Nothing bad would happen. And you would make a good sight. You have fantastic legs and a nice ass, you know that, don't you?"
She was right.
"Meet me at my apartment tomorrow night!" she said. "I'll make you up. And then we come here again, ok?"
What could I say? I wanted to say no, I wanted to say yes. I said nothing.
"Come on Fried", she said, "I count on you tomorrow."

We arrived in her car. My legs clad in gorgeous shiny black tights. Almost opaque, but not totally. And wearing a tight elastic mini-skirt of her's. And a short tight leather jacket. No furry hem, though. And no makeup, no lipstic, no hairdo. A guy in mini-skirt and tights. But a very pretty guy, as she kept saying.
She hooked my arm under hers, as we were approaching the entrance, and steered me through the crowd. She was giving me hold, just like the guy yesterday had given his girl.
I couldn't look into anybody's eyes. Too nervous, too ashamed, too turned on. She bought the two tickets for us.

We went in early. When the lights finally dimmed I could relax a bit. During the commercials she held my hand and was chatting to distract me. The cinema was more than half empty. She was sitting at my left, the seats to my right were not occupied, luckily. The movie began. I tried, but I couldn't pay much attention. She was still holding my hand, but then she released it and began to caress my legs. I was electrified. Her hand posed on my knee. I felt her fingers through the thin tissue of my pantyhose as they moved smoothly up and down. She paused. I held my breath. Then they moved on, sideways, to the inside of my thighs. I shivered. She paused again. And then, without warning, she grabbed my crotch, cupped my balls and my dick with a firm grip, almost hurting me. I went stiff, gasped. She held me for about half a minute. Only when she released me my dick began to harden. I took her hand and tried to direct it to the place again. But she said in a low, yet very firm voice:
"No! I was just feeling if you were hard. You weren't. Good! Keep it that way! Don't forget you are a girl. You are not here to get off! You are here to be seen, to be watched, and it's only the beginning!"

In the pause she took me to the foyer. And now I couldn't help but notice how I was the object of everybody's discreet attention. Many pretended to ignore me. Others did not. Sarah for her part seemed totally at ease. As far as she was concerned, there was nothing special going on. I tried to focus on her, so I hadn't to return the glances. 
"Let's go", I said. But again, she said no. So I stayed. I preferred to be with her than to go away alone. Did I hear the word "sissy" behind me? I did not turn around. Some meters away, there were two couples. A bit younger than us. One of the girls was looking right in my face. Smiling. She seemed to be nice. Her guy was pretending not to take notice of me and talking to the other guy. Suddenly the girl broke loose and approached me. 
"Sorry", she said, "I just wanted to compliment you on your courage! And on your looks. You look gorgeous!"