Tuesday, June 26

The pink ribbon


  1. I'll bet Dave can't wait for things to get started so someone can keep her mouth stuffed and occupied. Great Cap!!

  2. Where do you get your pictures!?

    How about a cap for the girl on the right? She has a slightly glassy trance-like expression.

    1. Tumblr. As you may know, tumblr is an image-oriented blog-system. It's got a fantastic archive-function, which allows you to simply scroll through hundreds of posts/images. And the posted images have an excellent reference-system, automatically indicating the source, who reposted it, who liked it...
      And I find the general aesthetic quality of the images on tumblr far superior to the ones found on other blog-systems.

      As to the other girl, I'll see... Not sure that I'll be able to come up with something. Can't you?

    2. Came up with something on the way back from breakfast :D, an hommage to Brenda's mind control caps.

      Basically, the girl on the right is a man who's been transformed by the magic hat. While the other girl (a previous victim perhaps) is excitedly describing the beach party they're going to (where, as you say, their pink ribbons mark them as special guests), the hat-wearer is suppressing panic and trying to work out how to break the spell.

      But your story is very nice too :)

    3. Your story is definitely hot and very viable as a caption!