Friday, September 28



  1. have enjoyed this post i would give this sissy bigger boobs tho

  2. Yes, very hot.

    Beautiful to see sissy boy as boy. Sissy doesn't have to mean female (does it?) and pretty boys are very sexy in their own right.

    I can just imagine that sissy boy's internal battle (self-control vs passion) as he minces along the catwalk.

    Also the self-control of all the pretty ladies watching him: should they laugh at him, admire him, love him, force him? I know I'd be all over him.

  3. I am terrible at faces. It's Adrej Peijic, isn't it? I know he does quite hot modeling, but I hadn't imagined that he'd go so far as he's going with this outfit. After all he is a successful regular model - well, of course he is not regular, but I mean he is a model, not a pornstar...

  4. Adrej Peijic --- what a dreamboat! Thank you! (I am a bit of country bumpkin) Have you seen him modelling wedding dresses!? Oh, ...