Wednesday, November 27

Billy has adapted


  1. would love to see more of this artists work.. can you provide the li nk where you found it?

    1. Yes, the artist is great! Unfortunately I don't know nothing about him/her. I found the picture on tumblr.

    2. I found it to Friedoline,on petticoat art punishment! The art work is amazing these young men, or boys hate to be dolled up! They do make pretty, pretty girls! In great detail too! The hair and makeup,those lovely dresses they're forced too wear is " priceless" anyway Happy Holidays! Kimberly.

  2. oh my god it's to late now i'm changing changing i'm becoming a real girly my hair is growing out becoming long flowing blonde hair

    my eyes or becoming wider my face is feminizing becoming rounder

    my adams apple is gone

    my voice is now much higher pitched girly

    my hips have widened

    my legs are all smooth

    and i now have small pert breast

    and best of all no more penis now i have a vagina pussy between my legs and i'm in a whole new life very far away from my now former boys life

    i'm a little girly

    now with sisters and girlfreinds and now i'm going to get into a dress slip panties bra

    oh my god i'm i;m a girly and my new name is suzy ann and i'm female