Monday, January 28

Freshwater Hotel

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  1. Jay knew that it tate when he saw what he thought were girls waiting for him up ahead just outside the school but when he got close enough he recongized them as now former boy friends but they were all real girls now

    and as he apporched they came right up to him sourrouned him and than informed him that he was going to join them and become a real girly to

    wel the next thing Jay did realize was that he was now in a knee lenth dress panties slip bra

    he now had much longer flowing blonde hair he face was smaller much more rounded

    he now had real breast

    his butt was rounded out he had fatty depoits on his hip's his legs were smooth and his penis was all gone he had a vagina instead he was noe a she

    and was cute and pretty little girly oh my she excliamed i'm i'm a girly just like mt sisters and girlfreinds!