Sunday, January 6

The kiss

Her parties were legendary. Marianne owned an ample flat at Berlin Kurfürstendamm, where she lived with her lover Tina. They were gorgeous. Countless times they had given occasion to the old macho sigh about what a waste sexy dykes were to the world. The male world, that is. But they hosted their lavishing parties not only for their kind, and their public kissing on the occasions was a famous staple and appreciated by female and male, gay and heterosexual guests alike.

On one of these parties I ventured to say: "What can I do to get a kiss like that from you?" - "Be a girl." was the wry answer. - "I wish!" I said. - "Let's make him a girl, then!" someone said. Laughter. The proposition quickly gained acclaim. I must have shown less reluctance than expected, probably due to the many drinks I'd already had. In any case, shortly later I found myself in the drawing room, some girls undressing me, while others were searching through the wardrobe, selecting appropriate clothing for me. Lingerie of course. - "Wait!" someone said, "He must be shaved first! The ugly hair must get off!" - The next half hour I was subject to a "beauty treatment", amateur but with quite reasonable result, given the circumstances. Then I was presented to the hostess, wearing her panties and bra, white stockings on my shaved legs and a short yellow dress that was only a bit tight around my not very broad shoulders.

- "What a nice effort!" our hostess said. "But yet not good enough. You're still a man..." - She was right. Despite the alcohol and the embarrassment, my cock was stretching the soft silken panties and lifting slightly my dress. She must have seen it. So had others. - "If it's his cock, that can be taken care of!" Eva said. Eva lived next door. She went and came back with a little box. I was led again to the drawing room. When I looked inside the box, my heart stopped, and my dick went limp again: It was a steel chastity device! - "Yeah, put it on!" everyone shouted. - "No way!" - "Put it on! Don't be a sissy! Hahaha!" - "No!" - "Think of the kiss!" - "Who guarantees me she'll kiss me if I put that thing on?" - "I do," Marianne said, who had joined us in the drawing room, "and you will not regret it!" - I was already dressed in drag, everybody had taken pictures with their smartphones: I could as well go all the way and get the reward. Also I thought if I showed good humour and grace in my humiliation, it might perhaps not be seen so much as a humiliation as it was. Wasn't it just a party prank, after all? A bet? So I gave in. I picked the thing up and went to the bathroom where I wresteld for a while to make it fit. It felt weird. Good weird. I felt a strange arousal, not only in my loins but rather in my belly, and all over my skin. There was a new incredible sensitivity: from my toe-tips to the roots of my hair. - Oh my, a kiss by her now would be really something! - I arranged myself, smoothened my dress over my private parts and came out of the bathrroom and back to the main living room. - "Did you put it on?" people asked. - "Of course." - "Show it!" - I refused. Marianne was in her usual corner of the living room. It was almost like a stage. I went to her. She said: "you'll have to show it!" - I lifted my dress in front of her. My weenie in its shiny steel-cage was distinctly visible under the transparent silken panties. - "Turn around. Show them!" - I looked at her. - "Come on! Do it!" - I turned around, avoiding to look into anyones eyes. Cheers from everywhere. - "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" The crowd was shouting now. - "Wait," she said "give me the key!" - "What?" - "No key, no kiss." - "Give it to her!" the crowd shouted. - "You'll get it back later" she said. I gave her the key. And then the great moment was there. She pulled me down to her on the couch and kissed me. Never before had I been kissed like this! Like a girl. Never had I kissed like this: like a girl. Like a chaste little girl who's in love. It was indescribable. I didn´t come - how could I? But it was better than coming! She kissed me for a long time, expertly, and I don't remember hearing the crowd, who certainly must have been cheering and making a lot of noise. Only afterwards I heard them, when I sat on the couch, with knees too weak to stand up. People were talking to me, saying they saw how I liked it, asking how it had been. I don't remember what I said. With the help of another couple of drinks, I recovered. I remained in my outfit for the rest of the party. It felt right. And I loved it anyway. At the end of the party, I claimed the key. But Marianne said: "Not tonight!" - It was like a hit in my stomach. But before I opened my mouth, she said: "Come tomorrow afternoon, then I'll give you the key, I promise!" - The next day I was there. She asked if I really wanted the key - or another kiss?

Now, six months later, I am still wearing the device, still visiting her regularly, on a weekly basis. I spend my days looking forward to the next visit. It's what I'm living for now. Everytime she offers me the key, everytime I turn it down. That fateful night I set off on a jorney I am still on.


  1. The wall of text scared me for at first, but it was well worth the read. Super hot stuff, I love the aspect of choice!

    -Crissy (

  2. I just want to say thank you. I think this is a well balanced story.

    What else can I say?

  3. Nice! Getting there is (at least) half the fun!.. and in this case, the destination seems to be the complete departure from who set-out on the journey! Yea!!!


  4. Where did you get that wonderful picture? Are there any others of that beautiful couple?

    1. I really don't remember, sorry! Somewhere on tumblr.

  5. fab story

    most guys will enjoy their first dress and not look back

    1. Thank you very much for your extensive reading and your many nice comments!

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  7. and now i must spread my legs open because i'm a girly now but i love this whole new feeling of lesbian lovemaking!