Friday, May 13



  1. hehe i know how she feels, i coulden't stop rubbing and playing with mine after i was all healed, giggle still do :P

  2. Darling that is such a sweet story! And perfectly illustrates!

  3. Thank you Sedra! What bigger compliment could I receive than that someone who has really made the experience recognizes it in my fantasy?!

    Thank you too, Perfectlips! The story maybe sweet, but it is one of my most political ones: It claims - I hope the tone in which I tell it makes that clear - that everything described in the caption is perfectly sane and ok and should be considered so by society!

    I wish the people who rated this particular post "awful" would have bothered to explain why.
    Of course I can live with the ratings. If I couldn't I'd not have a checkbox for "awful". And I can imagine in other posts where the "awful" ratings come from.
    A blackmail or rape story for example: There are people who disapprove of the depiction of sexual violence for pornographic reasons. I don't agree, but I can understand that.
    Or a black lover/white girl story. Pepole disapprove because they consider my post racist, because it exploits clichés of sexual difference (big cock) and the thrill of the "forbidden". (Forbidden you can only find it if you are a racist). As far as I am concerned, the differences exist, in reality or at least in fantasy. There's nothing wrong with having a big cock... And I fortunately grew up in such a mixed race environment that the forbidden theme for me simply doesn't exist. If it does for others, it is not my problem.
    Or they disapprove of the post because they are racist themselves, and repulsed by the idea of interracial sex. In that case: go on rating and fuck yourselves!

    But here: for what earthly reason someone can consider this peaceful, optimistic story "awful"?

    I'd really be grateful if someone would let me know!

  4. maybe they mistook awful for awesome... Me, I find it just cute how Sammy isn't too shy about certain good things in life!