Sunday, May 1

Teenie life

I read this nice little story at Titillating TG Captions, and it remembered me of last time I visited my sister.

We live quite far away from each other. But between Christmas and New Years Eve, I - well we: my girlfriend, our kids and myself - use to spend a couple of days at her home.
I get along very well with her and her husband. They have an open house, the atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, and there are almost always guests, friends of our generation or, mor often even, friends of their children. They have two pretty daughters, age 19 and 17.
Last time we met a good friend of Anna's, the younger one's. Daniel, a classmate. He's openly gay, and he needs not tell anybody, you can see it. He's quite a fag, really. A cute little fag. They were sitting at the large dining table and going through Vogue magazine. Later we all had dinner together, and then the boy left.
I asked Anna how Daniel is being treated at school, and she answered it's quite OK. No problem with the teachers at all, and as to the classmates, sure there were idiots, but in general he doesn't suffer too much bullying. If he looked a bit down today, it was because of an unresponded crush on a boy. That was why he'd come over, to talk about it. Anna is his confident, a good friend, at who's shoulder he can cry. Typical teenie life, isn't it? I asked if that's what they do together, reading fashion magazines, and Anna, who's very much into fashion, said yes, that and discussing the boys. Who's cute, who's not, and so on. He's really a little girl, Anna said.

You can see why I feel so comfortable at my sister's, though it would be very unjust to say it's only, or even mainly because of this: how these things can happen so naturally in her house. And it's not that she doesn't care, the good thing is: she does! What she doesn't is being bothered by it.

What has that to do with the aforementioned story?
Well, I didn't ask, but I can imagine, I even consider it likely that - not in the living room, that would probably go too far, if not for my sister, for my brother-in-law - but in her room she and her sister dress him up. Let him use their wardrobe, perhaps even their underwear. I find this thought very endearing.

I would have liked to do what Daniel does, when I was his age. But I didn't. It's a pity. Of course it's much easier today. I envy him, because he's young and I'm sure he does look good in lingerie and stockings. I did too, when I was his age. But I had to do it almost always in the closet. (Had to?!) And now: I don't think that I look good in it anymore. Unlike Daniel, my nieces would consider me a sorry figure, if they saw me like that.
Anyway, I'm glad for Daniel. And I find it very encouraging that this is happening in Germany 2010, and without anybody making a fuss about it.