Wednesday, April 27

Get real!

I made a decision today. I will not wank anymore in front of the computer. I will continue this blog, read others, get horny... but I won't wank anymore here. I'll keep my cum for my girlfriend. She deserves it.
I am not ashamed of dreaming of being a girl. I am not ashamed of getting turned on by doing so. There's nothing wrong with being kinky, or a pervert, or whatever you may call it.
But it's wrong to spend so much time being horny and getting off alone when you can share it with some person close to you. In flesh and blood. A person you love. I am so lucky to have one. It's true I cannot realize all my wet dreams with her. But some I can, and there is room for progress. So were I not an idiot if I not tried to get my sex-life back to being real?


  1. OMG

    Those legs are SOOOOOOOO lovely!!!

    Oh wow I wish I had legs *that* good looking

    mmm a girl can but dream

    By the way - I also do not masturbate in front of the PC anymore.. but for different reasons.

  2. Yep, great legs

  3. Yes you're right. It's a good goal to save up your orgasms for the one you love.

  4. Good for you both, i'm sure you can channel all that sexual energy for good. i wish i could do the same, but i'm weak, i have to wank to releave all this tension. it's been almost 11 months since my wife's let me cum with her.

  5. Great legs.
    Everybody masturbates.
    I wish I had the computer and internet when I was a younger.