Friday, April 8

Early fantasies

I may not have seriously wanted to be a girl as a six year old kid, Stevie Stevens, but I definitely had erotic TG fantasies! At six I dreamt of being a slavegirl in a harem. Of course I had no clear idea of what that might mean sexually. And I wonder a little where my notion of a harem came from, but I have a good guess. As I was practically not allowed to watch any TV at that age, it can only have been the book "1001 Nights" that my mother used to read to me. A book not of the Disney type, rather an old illustrated edition. Probably intended for young readers, though certainly not for six year olds. I remember vaguely the opulent architecture, courtyards with fountains and flowers; beautiful, veiled princesses and a handsome prince, and a powerful sultan who everybody loved and feared at the same time. Even if it was a children's book, there is no question that I felt the eroticism of the stories, felt the breathtaking connection between sexuality and power. I still remember the fantasy, and I am absolutely sure it to be of that age, because I can date exactly the family holidays during which I daydreamt about it. I fantasized that we were various girls of my age in the harem, all made up beautifully, our hairdo, with braids of course and coronets, but then we were ordered to take off our skirts an panties and slide down a helter-skelter with our nude peepee (I knew what that was because I have a one year younger sister) into the pool!
I was to write that we were ordered to take off only our panties and kept on our skirts, which obviously would have been pulled up during the slide, but I suspect that I am making that up now in hindsight.
Ah, and sure, the Sultan was watching!

No caption today, but tomorrow.


  1. when i was 6, i used to dream about being taken away to be made into a harem girl, and that i would have to serve as a slave... the flashbacks are delicious...

  2. This is so special, thanks for sharing. I was having "erotic" fantasies when I was age four. I would imagine that I would fall under the spell of a villain and become his arm candy girlfriend, like a bond villainess, or a pet like a petgirl.