Saturday, April 23

Good times

Lisa is a beautiful, cheerful brunette and we know each other from college. At that time we both already were with our men, with whom we still live, but that did not hinder us to start making out. I'll always remember the first hot fucks we had in the library. Sure we knew we were cheating on our men, but we did not really feel guilty. We loved them, and we knew that our lesbian relationship, however passionate, never would endanger our devotion to our future husbands. What we were doing was just in another domain.

After a while, we found it would be great to let them know. There was a risk that we spoiled everything and broke our hearts, but we were confident we could avoid that. We both were submissive to our men, but that didn't mean we weren't able to manipulate things according to our desires. We were women, after all, and had learned how to get things to be the way we want through subtle ways. Or at least so we thought.

The first step was to make us four meet. I told my lover about Lisa and that I would love to invite her and her man over. To make my case stronger I told Jon how nice and how beautiful Lisa was, and I might have taken it a little too far, because I saw in his curious reaction that I had given away how much impression Lisa had made on me. But that was, of course, only one more reason for him to agree to the invitation: now he wanted to know who Lisa was.

So they came over. Lisa's lover is a stout muscular man, friendly without saying too much and less formal than my man, who likes style and good manners. (Thankfully never without some self-ironic touch.) I liked Robert immediately. You could not fail to feel his dominant charisma. More difficult was to predict how our men would get along. But the dinner went on nicely, and the first thing I could see that they came to agree on was us two girls, whose conspirative effort to make the evening a success did not pass unnoticed, neither the erotic friction between us. That was no accident. Lisa and I had believed it a good idea to show it off in order to promote our mission.

That went well. In the following weeks the four of us became really close, and spent a lot of time together. Lisa and I began to enact our show. A casual caress here, a sisterly kiss there, an innocent walk hand in hand in front of them on a weekend stroll in the woods. It didn't take long and we were in that situation of "I know that you know that I know..." or more correctly, "we know that you know...". Even so it was still scary when the moment came they confronted us. It was on a sunday afternoon in the end of the summer.
Until that moment it had been a beautiful day, happy and relaxed. The men had rented a sailing boat. There was not much wind, but nobody cared. We anchored in the shadow of some oaks in a lonely bay of the lake and unwrapped our picnic. I still remember the smells: ham, bottled coffee, the characteristic odour of lake water. With a trace of weed and foul wood, but fresh and agreeable.

"Well," said Robert, "I think it's time you end your theatre and explain what's up with you. We aren't stupid, you know. What do you have in mind for the future?"

I had waited for this moment, but I was grateful that it was Lisa who began to explain our idea.

"And you think we ever accepted that?" asked Robert. "You know us so little that you believe you can impose your affair on us and everything else remains the same? - Forget it! If you want to be a couple, go ahead! Perhaps you find even some wimps that accept to be your men under that conditions, if you still need them. It won't be us, for sure. Jon and I have talked about this, and we agree on that. Or you two stop fucking each other, or we stop fucking you."

Lisa and I had imagined this conversation, anticipated various lines it might take. In spite of that, both of us were failing the words now. We had prepared so much speech, but now neither Lisa nor I were able to say much. It wasn't that we wouldn't remember, it was rather their blunt assessment of the situation that shut us up and instilled a profound sense of futility.

"Except if..."

If there had been missing proof our men were sadists, here it was.

"Except if..." Jon said with an almost imperceptible smile, " submit your relation to our rules."

They were kidding. They were playing with us. Also Lisa and I had been playing in a way... and not. It's always dangerous to play with this kind of things.

"But how?"

"It's quite simple. You two can make out when we authorize it. We authorize for a certain period. And forbid for another period, Then we authorize again and so on..."

This made no sense at all! But still, it was better than a definite No.


"To make things more interesting, we'll set it up this way. Robert authorizes or not Lisa, and I authorize or not you, Caroline. It won't be always synchronized. That means, it will happen that you are authorized to make love to her, but Lisa not at the same time. Or vice versa."

"And to make things even more interesting," said Robert now with a broad smile, "we'll introduce a third mode: the obligation to seduce. For example, Lisa may have orders to seduce you, Caroline, and you have orders to remain chaste. You'll have to sort it out... Ah, and any disobedience must be punished of course!"

What was there to say? It all ended up as a game! A marvellous and intricate game! All the tension gave way to joy and enormous excitement. And a sweet sentiment of complicity among us four. Lisa and I fell into our mens arms, and if it hadn't been for the shaky boat, it might have ended up in a menage a quatre that moment.

How do you say? The day ended in beauty!

Our men - our "masters" - wouldn't control what we were doing when we were out of their sight. But once a month we met for a "verification day". There our acts were compared to our orders. Proven disobedience would be punished with the crop. If our declarations did not coincide, both of us would be punished. So there was an incentive to tell the truth. Except if someone really wanted to be punished in every situation! That, I can assure you, was not the case!

In the following months, then, it was like this: Both of us had our orders, but we only knew our own. When I met Lisa in college, I never knew what was awaiting me. If we both were in authorized mode or seduction mode, it was simple: we could make love and no one would be punished. But if I had to remain chaste and she had orders to seduce me, she would try and either succeed, and I would be punished, or fail, and she would be punished. Of course we could tell each other what were our orders, but that did not help if we were in incompatible modes. And also we could not trust in that the other wouldn't lie. For example, to seduce a girl you presumed in chaste mode, it was a good strategy to pretend you were too. If it were the truth, both could we do whatever we like with eachother and our masters never would find out, because none of us would admit it on verification day. But if one of us in truth had not been in chaste mode, she would tell on verification day and the other girl would be punished.

Every day we met, the game of seduction began fresh and new. Delicious the feeling of power to have succeded to seduce her, by lying or by being irresistible, and knowing that she later would be duly punished for it! Still sweeter was giving in to seduction, suspecting or knowing that it would come out, and willingly take the risk or even accept the certainty of posterior punishment! And also exiting was the complicity of cheating on our masters, making sure that they would not find out, and proving that their power, how far reaching ever, was not total!

The game lasted for several months, before it wore out. Even afterwards, we remained good friends and occasional lovers until a couple of years later we moved away, me following my then already husband through Europe pursuing his career. We still maintain contact, e-mail and phone occasionally. I plan on that we meet again. To catch up on our gorgeous life those days. I will tell about it when it's time.

(Many thanks to Jennifer who provided, not knowingly, the adequate - and fantastic - gif right in time!)


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