Wednesday, April 13

Otto Rudolf Schatz

Some time ago I stumbled over this forgotten austrian artist. Having been quite successful in his early years, he had a hard time during the nazi period because of his left wing convictions and also because of his partly jewish family. He even was sent to a concentration camp, but survived. In the years before his imprisonment he only managed to make a living by painting erotica and selling them to private collectors. I like to think that even if he had a shitty time then, at least, if his art was inspired by his personal life as I hope, he had some joys too.

I especially like the threesomes. I always imagine myself being one of the girls. What really turns me on here, and also gets at me sentimentally, is the cumplicity with the other girl, the bond coming from sharing the delights and ordeals of being mastered together by a strong man.

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